Powerful herbal brews naturally fermented over time. Made with handpicked herbs from the forest of Norway. 

The homemade & handpicked brews
What they are good for

Probiotic bacterias

The herbal brews are naturally fermented, which means they contain a good amout of natural probiotic bacterias.
Your stomach will love it.

Immunity boost

All the brews are made with herbs that will help your immune system working optimal. 
To fight bad viruses & bacteria.
And help your body build up an amazing immunesystem

Getting herbs into your system

By drinking the herbal brews you will get various herbs into your cells and your entire system.
A good wat to boost minerals in your body, as well as other nutrients.

Mental clairity

By consuming these cleansing herbs, you can experience some mocus coming out of your body.
And also other stuff. They have a deep way of cleansing your body.
So that you can become clearer mentally & physically

Shipping and Delivery Time

3-7 days in scandinavia
7-14 days overseas

worldwide shipping